7th Workshop on Recent Issues in Bioanalysis (7th WRIB)

Where Regulators and the Industry Convene

Hyatt Regency Long Beach

April 8 -11, 2013, Long Beach, CA, USA

Hyatt Regency Long Beach

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Close to 500 professionals representing pharmaceutical companies, contract research organizations, and multiple regulatory agencies participated in the 7th WRIB (Workshop on Recent Issues in Bioanalysis) in April 2013 in Long Beach California, an open forum for discussing, sharing perspectives, and providing potential solutions on the most recent issues in the bioanalytical field.

Like the previous editions, this event was in the format of a practical, focused, and informative workshop aiming for high quality, improved regulatory compliance, and scientific excellence. Numerous hot topics in bioanalysis of both small and large molecules were shared and discussed among speakers/panelists and attendees representing the bioanalytical community.

The 2013 White Paper in Bioanalysis generated from this meeting will be published in August 2013. We hope this White Paper will again acts as a practical and useful reference document that provides key information and solutions on several topics and issues in the constantly evolving world of bioanalysis. As stated by Ryan De Vooght-Johnson, Bioanalysis Journal Commissioning Editor, "this series of papers has become of vital importance for bioanalysts, and is frequently found amongst the Bioanalysis journal's most read and most cited articles."

We look forward to your contribution to the 2014 White Paper at the 8th Workshop on Recent Issues in Bioanalysis (8th WRIB) on March 17 - 21, 2014 in LA/Universal City atop of Hollywood Hills!


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