Dr. Brigitte Simons


Brigitte Simons

Dr. Brigitte Simons is a market development manager at SCIEX, representing the academic, government, and biopharmaceutical research market segments for SCIEX’s LC-MS and CE-MS business. Her primary scientific specialization focuses on the applications of accurate mass spectrometry based solutions for lipidomics and metabolomics, as well as biotherapeutic protein characterization and it’s forecasting to drug development in the pharmaceutical industry.

To effectively achieve the very best in scientific consultation regarding LC-MS assays and modern approaches to data analysis, Brigitte manages key accounts across Canada and the biopharma hub of Massachusetts (New England) where strong partnerships between academia and industry continue to spearhead the industrialization of analytical technologies that are highly regarded by federal funding initiatives in Canada.

Prior to working at SCIEX, Brigitte received her Ph.D. in Chemistry at the University of Ottawa. She then completed two research post-doctoral fellowships at the Centre for Biologics Research at Health Canada (Ottawa, CAN) and the National Institute of Heart Lung and Blood (Bethesda, MD, USA).



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