10th Montreal Post-ASMS Mass Spec Symposium

Free-to-Attend Mass Spectrometry Users' Meeting

October 22, 2015 (Thursday), from 3:30pm to 9:30pm
Holiday Inn Pointe Claire

Parellel Oral Sessions, Poster Presentations, and Exhibition


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List of Poster Presentations


Poster Session 1 Chaired by Prof. Dr. Lekha Sleno (UQAM, Montreal, QC)

  • "LC-MS/MS Quantification of Drugs in Presence of their Glucuronide Metabolites: An Approach for the Assay Development" - Presented by Luc Bouchard
    Luc Bouchard; Sylvain Lachance; Nadine Boudreau; Ann Levesque
    inVentiv Health Clinical, Quebec, Canada

  • "Development of electrochemical methods capable of mimicking oxidative degradation pathway of model pharmaceuticals" - Presented by Marc-Andre Lecours
    Marc-Andre Lecours; Gessie Brisard; Pedro A. Segura
    University of Sherbrooke, Sherbrooke, Canada

  • "Identification of Acetaminophen Adducts of Rat Liver Microsomal Proteins using 2D-LC-MS/MS" - Presented by Makan Golizeh
    Makan Golizeh, André LeBlanc, Lekha Sleno
    Université du Québec à Montréal, Montreal, Canada

  • "Negative phosphoregulation of protein interaction domains by tyrosine kinase receptors" - Presented by Ugo Dionne
    Ugo Dionne, François Chartier, Michel Tremblay, Gerald Gish and Nicolas Bisson
    CHU de Québec, axe oncologie, site HDQ, Cancer Research center, Laval University


Poster Session 2 Chaired by Prof. Lars Konermann (University of Western Ontario, London, ON)

  • "Mapping of linear epitopes by a multi-enzyme, ultrafiltration-based method" - Presented by Jennifer Hill
    Jennifer J. Hill; Tammy-Lynn Tremblay
    National Research Council Canada, Ottawa, Canada

  • "Overcoming Hematocrit Impact Using Homogenization Beads for Dried Blood Spots (DBS) by LC-MS/MS Analysis" - Presented by Julien Nantel
    Nikolay Youhnovski; Julien Nantel; Milton Furtado; Fabio Garofolo
    Algorithme Pharma Inc., Laval, CANADA

  • "Unraveling site-specific acetylation using high resolution mass spectrometry in HATs and HDACs mutants of fission yeast" - Presented by Frederic Lamoliatte
    Sibylle Pfammatter; Eric Bonneil; Frederic Lamoliatte; Pierre Thibault
    IRIC-Université de Montréal, Montreal, QC, Canada

  • "Gold assisted LDI for high resolution imaging MS of triacylglycerol from thin tissue sections. Application to Alzheimer's disease" - Presented by Martin Dufresne
    Martin Dufresne; Laura Hamilton; Jean-Francois Masson; Karl Fernandes; Pierre Chaurand
    Université de Montréal, Montreal, QC, Canada


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