About Us

CFABS is a Non-Profit Scientific Organization Formed to Promote Exchange of Knowledge and Sharing of Ideas in Analytical and Bioanalytical Sciences.

The analytical & bioanalytical sciences and specifically mass spectrometry, chromatography, immunochemistry and related techniques have expanded beyond imagination in the last few years with new technologies able to support advanced and pioneering scientific applications. CFABS recognizes that modern analytical and bioanalytical sciences are conducted in a fully integrated fashion involving multiple different disciplines. Hence, CFABS fosters the integration of those disciplines and serves as their main forum for knowledge exchange and sharing.

Our Mission

The mission of CFABS is to serve Canadian analytical and bioanalytical community, to promote and disseminate knowledge in analytical and bioanalytical sciences among scientists coming from academic, industrial and governmental laboratories. CFABS will achieve its mission by:

  • Providing a forum for open interchange and dissemination of scientific knowledge;
  • Promoting the analytical & bioanalytical sciences;
  • Fostering education and career growth of Canadian scientists. Mentoring scientists is an important role and responsibility of CFABS;
  • Fostering innovation & implementation in analytical & bioanaytical sciences;
  • Providing the resources and environment to enable the Canadian analytical & bioanalytical community to advance the frontiers of science;
  • Providing guidance to the Canadian scientific community and government institutions on analytical & bioanalytical and regulatory issues.
News Updates

August, 2022: CFABS confirms its enthusiastic support for the development of the NSERC CREATE Canadian Proteomics Network for Training and Inclusivity (CanProteoNet) program

Mass spectrometry is a central tool in proteomics, and one of CFABS missions is to promote and disseminate knowledge in this technique among scientists coming from academic, industrial, and governmental laboratories. CanProteoNe program is fully aligned with CFABS mission since it provides essential training opportunities on mass spectrometry-based proteomics with an enhanced focus on an interdisciplinary training program dedicated to improving equity, diversity, and inclusion to the Canadian scientific community.

April, 2013: CFABS is proud to be one of the partner organizations for "NSERC CREATE Training Program in Mass Spectrometry-Enabled Analytical Science and Engineering (MS-EASE)", a mass spectrometry-focused CREATE training grant program that focuses on inparting 'instrumental competance' to trainees.