6th Vancouver Post-ASMS Mass Spec Symposium
Free-to-Attend Mass Spectrometry Users' Meeting
October 20, 2016 (Thursday), from 3:30pm to 9:30pm
Hilton Vancouver Metrotown - New Location!!!
Oral Sessions, Poster Presentations, and Exhibition
Program Agenda
03:30pm-04:00pm: Registration and Welcome Refreshment
Oral Session 1 - Chair: Prof. Leonard Foster

04:00pm-04:20pm: Prof. Bingyun Sun, Simon Fraser University, Vancouver, B.C.
"Mouse Dynamic Protein Map"
04:20pm-04:40pm: Dr. Andrew James, Sanofi Pasteur, Toronto, ON
"Quantitation of residual proteins in an HSV-2 vaccine candidate using LC-MRM"
04:40pm-05:00pm: Prof. Liang Li, University of Alberta, Edmonton, AB
"High-Performance Chemical Isotope Labeling LC-MS for Tracking Disease Progression: Metabolomic Study of Alzheimer’s Disease in a Mouse Model"
05:00pm-05:20pm: Prof. David Schriemer, University of Calgary, Calgary, AB
"Neprosin-1: a new prolyl endoprotease shines light on the dark matter of the proteome"
05:20pm-06:20pm: Networking Hot Buffet Dinner Dinner Good Food & Good Science!
Oral Session 2 - Chair: Dr. Eric Reiner

06:20pm-06:40pm: Prof. Christopher Overall, UBC, Vancouver, B.C.
"Positional Proteomics Technologies to Functionally Annotate Tissue Proteomes in Pathology: Mechanistic Analysis Linear Ubiquitination by LUBAC in Immunodeficiency Disease by TAILS"
06:40pm-07:00pm: Dr. Dave Hatcher, Canadian Grain Commission, Winnipeg, MB
"Preliminary investigation of Canadian wheat varieties high and low molecular weight glutenin subunits relative to functional gluten strength"
07:00pm-07:20pm: Prof. Adam Rosebrock, University of Toronto, Toronto, ON
"An integrated platform for quantitative full-scan polar LC/MS metabolomics reveals structured environmental stress response in the yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae"
07:20pm-07:40pm: Prof. Jacques Corbeil, Laval University Hospital Centre (CHUL), Quebec, QC
"High throughput mass spectrometry and machine learning approaches for biomarker discovery"
07:40pm-08:10pm: Networking Dessert Break Desserts Time for something sweet!
Oral Session 3 - Chair: Prof. Christoph Borchers

08:10pm-08:30pm: Prof. Christoph Borchers, University of Victoria, Victoria, BC / McGill University, Montreal, QC
"Extending the Middle-Down HDX-MS Method for Residue-Level Structural Characterization of Antibody-Antigen Complexes”"
08:30pm-08:50pm: Dr. Adrien Musuku, Pharmascience, Montreal, QC
"Investigations of Stable Isotope Labelled Internal Standard Response Variability and its Impact on Study Sample Results for LC-MS/MS Methods"
08:50pm-09:10pm: Dr. Sylvie Bourassa, CHU de Quebec Research Center, Quebec City, QC
"Quantitative spatial proteomics analysis of the cellular DNA damage response using Isobaric tags"
09:10pm-09:30pm: Prof. David Chen, UBC, Vancouver, B.C.
"Principle and practice of capillary isoelectric focusing coupled directly to mass spectrometry"
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