15th Montreal Post-ASMS Mass Spec Symposium
Free-to-Attend Mass Spectrometry Users' Meeting
November 21, 2022 (Monday), from 3:30pm to 9:30pm
DoubleTree by Hilton Pointe Claire Montreal Airport West
Parallel Oral Sessions and Exhibition
Confirmed Speaker List

In Order of Speaker First Name Alphabetically

  • "Interactome mapping of leukemia fusion proteins" - Presented by Prof. Brian Raught, University of Toronto, Toronto, ON

  • "Multiplexed dilute-and-shoot LC-MRM-MS clinical assay for determination of the metanephrines and catecholamines in human urine" - Presented by Prof. Christoph Borchers, McGill University, Montreal, QC

  • "New advancements in structural proteomics" - Presented by Prof. David Schriemer, University of Calgary, Calgary, AB

  • "Here's a question: How do cancer-linked proteins with virtually identical crystal structures and highly similar sequences exhibit wildly different binding specificity profiles?" - Presented by Prof. Derek Wilson, York University, Toronto, ON

  • "Segmented Ion Fractionation and High Field Asymmetric Waveform Ion Mobility Spectrometry unravel proteome changes during cell cycle" - Presented by Dr. Eric Bonneil, University of Montreal, Montreal, QC

  • "Quantitative LC-MS/MS and GC-MS/MS for Cannabinoids and Pesticides in Cannabis" - Presented by Mr. Garnet McRae, National Research Council of Canada, Ottawa, ON

  • "Structural analysis of bacterial lipids by LC-MS/MS" - Presented by Dr. Helena Petrosova, University of Victoria, Victoria, BC

  • "Harnessing high resolution mass spectrometry as a platform for mapping the virulence of microbial populations" - Presented by Prof. Ian Lewis, University of Calgary, Calgary, AB

  • "Elucidating the lipidomic dynamics of lentiviral infection" - Presented by Prof. Jeff Smith, Carleton University, Ottawa, ON

  • "A One Health Approach to Overcoming Fungal Infections using Quantitative Proteomics" - Presented by Prof. Jennifer Geddes-McAlister, University of Guelph, Guelph, ON

  • "Cyclic ion mobility-mass spectrometry: a novel platform that enables the discovery of emerging persistent organic pollutants" - Presented by Prof. Karl Jobst, Memorial University of Newfoundland, St. John's, NL

  • "Targeted analysis of acetaminophen protein covalent binding in vivo" - Presented by Prof. Lekha Sleno, UQAM, Montreal, QC

  • "DIA-PASEF for a clinical trial of human islet variation in health and diabetes" - Presented by Prof. Leonard Foster, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, BC

  • "New advances in isotope-assisted LC-MS methods for global metabolome and lipidome analysiss" - Presented by Prof. Liang Li, University of Alberta, Edmonton, AB

  • "Quantification of sBCMA in Human Plasma using a High-Throughput Mass Spectrometry Workflow" - Presented by Dr. Luca Genovesi, CellCarta, Montreal, QC

  • "SAPID-MSI: Spatially-aware protein identification algorithm for mass spectrometry imaging" - Presented by Prof. Mathieu Lavallee-Adam, University of Ottawa, Ottawa, ON

  • "Absolute quantification of cholesterol from thin tissue sections by silver-assisted laser desorption ionization mass spectrometry imaging" - Presented by Prof. Pierre Chaurand, University of Montreal, Montreal, QC

  • "Matrix effect reduction for the determination of low levels of S-phenylmercapturic acid in urine, a benzene biomarker, by ultra performance liquid chromatography coupled with electrospray tandem mass spectrometry" - Presented by Dr. Sébastien Gagné, IRSST, Montreal, QC

  • "LC-MS based fingerprinting as a tool for the integrated assessment of honey quality, safety and authenticity" - Presented by Prof. Stephane Bayen, McGill University, Montreal, QC