14th WRIB (Workshop on Recent Issues in Bioanalysis)
Where Regulators and the Industry Convene
June 15-29, 2020, Virtual
Two Weeks of Bioanalysis, Biomarkers, Immunogenicity, Gene Therapy, Cell Therapy & Vaccines

The 14th edition of the Workshop on Recent Issues in Bioanalysis (14th WRIB) was held virtually on June 15-29, 2020 with an attendance of over 1000 representatives from pharmaceutical/biopharmaceutical companies, biotechnology companies, contract research organizations, and regulatory agencies worldwide. The 14th WRIB included 3 Main Workshops, 7 Specialized Workshops that together spanned 11 days to allow exhaustive and thorough coverage of all major issues in bioanalysis, biomarkers, immunogenicity, gene therapy and vaccine.

Moreover, a comprehensive vaccine assays track; an enhanced cytometry track, and updated Industry/Regulators consensus on bioanalytical method validation (BMV) of biotherapeutics by liquid chromatography mass spectrometry (LCMS) were special features in 2020.

As in previous years, this year’s WRIB continued to gather a wide diversity of international industry opinion leaders and regulatory authority experts working on both small and large molecules to facilitate sharing, reviewing, discussing and agreeing upon best approaches aimed to achieve scientific excellence and increase regulatory compliance on bioanalytical issues.

Even if 14th WRIB was conducted virtually, it was again

  • Very practical with a variety of hot topics/contents;
  • Highly interactive with thought-provoking Q&A dialogs and panel discussions
  • Very informative with the active participation from global regulatory agencies
  • Well formulated with excellent balance of science, regulation and process

2020 White Paper in Bioanalysis, Biomarkers, Immunogenicity, Gene Therapy and Vaccines will be based on the conclusions and consensus points from the 14th WRIB in June 2020. It will be divided into 3 parts due to length, and will be published on Journal Bioanalysis in the begining of year 2021.