17th Toronto Post-ASMS Mass Spec Symposium
Free-to-Attend Mass Spectrometry Users' Meeting
October 16, 2017 (Monday), from 3:30pm to 9:10pm
Crowne Plaza Toronto Airport
Oral Sessions, Poster Presentations, and Exhibition

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List of Poster Presentations
  • "Screening for Dioxin-Like Compounds in Sediment Using Modified QuEChERS and a GC-TOF Mass Spectrometer with Atmospheric Pressure Chemical Ionization" - Presented by Liad Haimovici
    Liad Haimovici; Karl Jobst ; Eric Reiner ; Karen MacPherson ; Jack Cochran
    Ontario Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change, Toronto, ON, Canada ; VUV Analytics, Inc., Austin, TX, United States

  • "Formation of Protonated a and b Ions from Lanthanide-Peptide Complexes" - Presented by Yating Wang
    Yating Wang; Justin Kai-Chi Lau; Cheuk-Kuen Lai ; Brian Lam ; K.W. Michael Siu ; Alan C. Hopkinson
    York University, Toronto, ON, Canada ; University of Windsor, Windsor, ON, Canada

  • "Investigating Drug Binding Activity and Conformational Dynamics of TEM-1 B-Lactamase by TRESI-HDX-MS" - Presented by Ruth Knox
    Ruth Knox and Derek J. Wilson
    Department of Chemistry, York University, Toronto, ON, Canada

  • "Rapid Classification of Medulloblastoma Subgroups for Optimal Treatment Planning Using a Hand Held Cold Laser Ablation Mass Spectrometry Probe" - Presented by Michael Woolman
    Michael Woolman ; Jing Zou ; Megan Wu ; Semra Isik ; Claudia M Kuzan-Fischer ; Isabelle Ferry ; Sunit Das ; Michael D Taylor ; James T Rutka ; Howard Ginsberg ; Arash Zarrine-Afsar
    University of Toronto, Toronto, ON, Canada ; Hospital for Sick Children, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

  • "Cytochrome C As A Peroxidase: Covalent Labeling And Oxidation Site Mapping Uncovers The Mechanism Of Catalytic Activation By H2O2" - Presented by Victor Yin
    Victor Yin, Gary S Shaw, Lars Konermann
    Department of Chemistry, University of Western Ontario, London, ON

  • "Structural Analysis of Membrane Proteins by Time-Resolved Hydrogen/Deuterium Exchange Mass Spectrometry (TRESI-HDX MS)" - Presented by Irina Oganesyan
    Irina Oganesyan1, Anurag Tandon2, and Derek J. Wilson1.
    1Department of Chemistry, York University, Toronto, ON, Canada 2Tanz Centre for Research in Neurodegenerative Diseases, University of Toronto, ON, Canada