Wei Garofolo
Wei Garofolo

Wei Garofolo is energetic, motivated, and resourceful. She is also excellent in details with strong organizational aptitude.

As the CFABS meeting planner and coordinator for both Bioanalytical meetings (WRIBs) and Mass Spectrometry Group Meetings and Symposiums, Wei Garofolo interacts actively with speakers, delegates, sponsors and members from pharmaceutical companies, regulatory agencies, universities, government analytical laboratories, CROs and analytical vendors, to plan and organize workshops, seminars, and discussion group meetings for the global bioanalytical community and local mass spectrometry communities across Canada.

Wei Garofolo is also the operational coordinator for GCC (Global CRO Council), another scientific non-prfit organzation with the goal to address scientific and regulatory issuues from CRO community in order to contribute to the global pharmaceutical industry. Visit Wei's page at GCC

Wei Garofolo obtained a Bachelor of Electronic Engineering degree and a MBA (Master of Business Administration) in international business.

Wei Garofolo is also the main author of "Global Outsourcing", "The Decennial Index of the White Papers in Bioanalysis: ‘A Decade of Recommendations (2007–2016)’", and "Looking beyond the WRIB Decennial Index of the White Papers in Bioanalysis" – all three articles published in Future Science – Bioanalysis Journal.

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