Dr. Nicki Hughes
Nicki Hughes

Nicki Hughes has a PhD in Biochemistry (1992), from the University of London (UK). She is a well-respected scientist with 20+ years’ research experience in the CRO industry, including 12+ years leading bioanalytical operations at companies including Biovail Contract Research and Cetero Research (Toronto site). In 2013, she founded the Bioanalytical Laboratory Services (BLS) Division of Lifelabs and built a leading bioanalytical team specializing in complex method development, method validation and the analysis of biological samples for pre-clinical and clinical drug trials (BA/BE studies). In August 2016, the BLS team joined BioPharma Sercvies Inc (BPSI) under Nicki’s leadership as VP of Laboratory Operations. The addition of the BLS team to Bio Pharma’s existing lab, expands and fortifies BPSI‘s footprint in bioanalytical services, making it a global leader in full-service clinical research.

Nicki other accomplishments include >25 scientific papers in peer-reviewed journals and numerous Scientific presentations in the field of regulated bioanalysis.